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Friday, March 30, 2012

While coloring copic I found

Now even though I am a little bit new to copics I am not new to watercolor. While watercoloring I used to use Viva paper towels for picking up or sopping or mopping up extra watery paint. Also used sometime to lift colors and give fun effects. You can use ordinary tissue or paper towel but in watercolor unless you are careful you find that these leave fibers behind which the brush picks up. Viva is nice and thick  unlike regualr tissues and has no texture unlike the quilted paper towels.
Now a few days back I said how the bee paper got saturated quickly especially with the copic way of blending (not flicking) or while using dark colors like reds.
So I decided why not use these paper towels. (in this case ie with copics you can probably use the tissue too) to mop/blot the colors like red which float on the surface even after just a couple of layers. And I did find this worked a bit. Happy discovery.
Oh and I think I am going to settle on starting with the  medium  colors and most of the time go with flicking method to color.
Still have to ways to go before I get comfortable with copics but I like the improvement so far.
I may even start mixing media soon like bringing pencils and pastels and watrcolor pencils too.


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