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Monday, March 5, 2012

Watercolor painting by my teacher/instructor

As I was browsing I found this link -
He(or She ) has a picture from my instructor in California from whom I learnt watercolor. She was so talented and even more such a great instructor. Those classes are the main thing I miss after moving from California. To see the picture click on this link -
Seeing things like this makes me realise that with me into copics and I am sure very soon I will be back into watercolor painting - I have almost come full circle. I deviated from the path when I took up papercrafting to check out colors in my painting. One of the thing we are advised to do is to check papers - pattern papers to learn how colors mix and what effect they get. I somehow ended up with a cricut and then gypsy and Oh Girl! What an Adventure! I guess I took the long route and now I am almost back on path!

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see you getting back to something you really love.

Eulanda said...

Hi Pam. You left a comment about Simply Betty Stamps and you were probably talking about the Diva's. I can get you in touch with Betty if you're interested. I just need your email. Thanks! Hugs!

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