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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Round We Go, CircDSwirl and CirclePaperLace

My minds has been on Circles. Well more like I have been playing with circles.  I love swirls, borders and paperlaces more than objects. So I was playing with circles and here are some screenshots of the result. The SVG files are under the file tab as well.  If you like them do I would appreciate it if you left a comment and it would be so much fun if you posted a link to your project :)
SO here are the snapshots of the file

Round We Go

Lol do not know why I named it such

And finally

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Silhouette machine

I unpacked it and set it up and tried cutting a print and cut image with it. It cuts intricate details as tiny as a a double strand of hair. I am so impressed. And print and cut is awesome. It did keep saying can't find registration mark until I manually dragged it to first point and then it automatically started finding other registration marks.
I also played with software. One thing I found out while converting AI files to .dxf format - is that one needs to ungroup and also release all compound paths else you get an error. Yep the scroll square frame. I wish it accepted svg files directly and  more easily. If only it were 12 x 12 but no problem now either as I am going to use this mainly for print and cut and it so easy printing in your regular printer and putting it on here and if I want bigger I always have the huge 24 inch knk don't I? I haven't yet tried MTC with both knk and silhouette. I need to do that soon and also start using the knk for embossing , emgraving and punching.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scroll Square Frame

I was playing with AI and made this scroll square frame.
I have not cut it out yet. The file is up in svg  tab (in my blog) though if you want to play with it.


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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hip hopping - windmill

I am hip hopping among 3 programs - Illustrator, KNK and MTC and having so much fun making some stuff.

Here is a picture of windmill  svg file I created. File is under svg files from the tabe

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