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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flower Foiled!

"Flower Foiled" , " Foiled Flower" or Flower with Foil  :) . Hmm.. last one actually describes what I made but not so catchy as the 1st phrase is it?
So I have got this roll of aluminium foil tape from Home Depot. Since I have not been crafting much I thought I would go up and play to calm myself. Make a craft for the day. And this was the result of my play. Of course this is just the first attempt but I rather liked it. Will do a video of it soon.

Close up

The trick to the process is not removing the adhesive backing too soon!
I took a tape and cuttlebugged it. Take care while choosing a folder as the new large folders do not go sideways inside the cuttlebug. You need an opening to feed the long tape through as you keep moving the tape to cuttlebug on a different part. But I wanted this design and it was on the big folder! So I took a craft knife and slit part of the folder near the joints to allow tape to feed through! If you do not want to cut your folder choose a smaller folder! Or skip cuttlebugging altogether :)
Well then I punched a 1 or 1 &1/2" circle (just grabbed the nearest approx sized punch :) ).
Now DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING ALL THE WAY! DO NOT or you'll end up with a mess!
just remove a little bit at a time allowing the brown paper to fall behind. ( I do not know how to describe this but if I hold the tape with both hands - cupped ie hands in O shape I use the last 3 fingers to unfold the backing as I go - Hope that made any sense but it is so difficult to describe). Fold/Frill one fold and then remove a little more. I got a bit messy towards the end as I removed lots of backing before I tucked it in.  Then i punched a 1" circle of the remaining foil to adhere on the top to cover the middle. Took some alcohol ink - I think ranger's butterscotch! and dabbed it on with a felt strip/piece. Took a button - cut off the shank and popped it on top with glue dot and voila! a flower to embellish a card or layout with! Hope you liked this and can't wait to try your own. You can also use regular foil and maybe punch out some shapes, optionally cuttlebug them and then glue them and stack them! Play with foils! I have some soda cans too which I want to emboss with my knk.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glitch in the Silhouette studio software

I have the new silhouette deisgner studio and found a glitch. My old GSD files cannot be moved in the MY LIBRARY from one folder to another. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
I had a slight problem with the print and cut being about half an inch off after the silhouette made a noise and started cutting elsewhere. I tried switching off and moving the carriage back and forth (as advised by silhouette) and calibrating. Also contacted them by email and they sent me an fix - a file - and this fixed the problem. I have to start making videos soon :)

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Papyrus Frame

I am going to call this a Papyrus frame

The svg file is available for download under the tab
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never Ending Card!

 Did I tell you that my son was fascinated by stars and he wanted another star card. He wanted it on a never ending card! I made the card on my gypsy long ago in my thebugbytes blog using 3 birds - images ie straight from the nest and the card was featured in their blog. You can check that out at this link - . There is a video there as well to show how I assembled it

Just 1 pic of this

So I decided to do a svg file as well for just the base with no embellishments (file under svg file tab - top menu in the blog). My son wanted it blue and with stars - just that.
But before I post the pics the template/instruction to assemble can be seen from these two images


So here is a glimpse of the simple simple card I made using the silhouette (silhouette - just the base file is also available ). Looking at this my elder son wants one too but not blue and not with stars but with saxophone images!

1st turn

2nd turn

Now in the next turn  I could have split the images like in my 3 birds version so that half of image does not show through but I wanted the smile to peek through so next turn

and the next turn brings us back to the 1st image. Hope you make one of these cards. You need a big envelope though as my card was the size 8 x 8 :)

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Stars and Heartborder

My son so loves stars now on his cards. So when I was making some thought why not make an svg file . I also played with heart border - I was inspired by watching a crafting video. The files can be found under svg file tab. I like to keep that sorted and if you want to make something it is easy to go to one download page. Please do leave comments if you like the files and also would love it so much if you can share your projects. I will soon have my never ending card svg file out (gypsy file is already available at thebugbytes) today or tomorrow.
Here are pics of the files

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Working with the sketch feature in Silhouette designer studio

The sketch feature is for sure a fun way to get your own patterns in the fly.
But there is a tiny trick to it. You have to have an edge sketch for you to be able to fill the shape with color.
Else without the edge sketch option chosen you will not be able to fill (paint bucket on the first panel
to the right side top of the screen).
Here are pics

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Importing svg files in Silhouette designer Studio

If you get an error saying file is corrupt in silhouette designer studio then the most probable cause is that there is text in the file. So open svg editor and expand text to path and then you can try opening it and the file will most probably open fine.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

New version of Silhouette Studio 1.9 and also designer studio

Wow! There is a new version of silhouette studio. Be sure to upgrade. And from that you can upgrade for about $50 (49.99) to the designer version.
I upgraded and love the designer version. Features in this (designer and not 1.9) are
You can import svg files (will be in a single layer though)
You also have a sketch option.
To explain more about this sketch feature

you can fill a shape with the above things ie you can add an edge and fill. When you combine with the fill option and line fill options you get pretty cool effects.

edited: Yeah with the designer edition you can add your own patterns. Just open the pattern folder in my library and then drag and drop the folders and the pattern will appear in the fill pattern window. Wow for this alone the dollars are worth spending

Also there is a new rhinestone feature. It has edge fill,  radial fill and linear fill. Also a freehand fill and single fill. Now the 1st 3 fills are good for shapes but nope not good for text even single line ones. You will be better off to freehand trace the shapes on top of the actual text placed as template

Then the rulers are enhanced

And eraser and knife tools are so cool. With erasers you can change the width and shape and with knife - we have various knives - sawtooth , zig zag etc

Have fun and see more info at

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Star Card

My friend Allison has a challenge group at facebook. I love her challenges and today's challenge was to use a star. So I decided to make a star card. It's a triangle which folds up to a star. I am not still able to go up to my studio but thank heavens for my silhouette sd which is so small and can be easily carried it has been brought downstairs. So with just some glue and paper - here is a star card. I will put up the template - svg file soon on the blog. Note it is a the card base only and not the embellishments. Just resize it to the size you want. You need to do some ungrouping and deleting (text and score marks in case you do not want score marks) and then moving before cutting in that file. Contact me if you need help with the file

Here is the card

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Celebrate with a Bouquet

The project for today is a card I call celebrate with bouquet. The image is a bouquet from dover greetings and the sentiment is celebrate. The whole card was cut with silhouette machine. This is such a lovely die cut machine especially for print and cut. It cuts only 8 1/2 x 11 papers though. Just wish they would come up with a 12 x 12 one. I use this machine rather than my knk machine for print and cut as this has an optical sensor which makes it so easy to print and cut as when you send the design to the printer with registration marks (it has 3 registration marks) it cuts so well  even if it cuts only size upto 8 1/2 x 11 but this will do most of the times as anyway most printers unless it is large format only prints this size max. (KNK machine and black cat machines have laser sensor which also works great but takes just a little more time as you have to to align the marks yourself using the laser)

I have used silhouette as it is easier but you can use your printer to print the dover image or any other image you like and any die cut machine and adapt for this card. For e.g you can just use any cardstock instead of printing one and use scallop design from one of cricut cartridge and use your DS or gypsy or craftroom for adjusting width and height and also maybe a different font. I just used the silhouette and for the image the lovely one form dover greetings book. I just love this book for card making. If you want to layer the butterfly and the bee as I have done then you have to print 2 and use your scissors if you don't have silhouette but I did lots of node editing and cropping to get the machine to cut.

Here is a screenshot of the silhouette studio file . I opened up 3 versions of the file so that I can fit and move images in the active cut area. Else you have to print and then cut it immediately and then send another to print and so on. If you open multiple windows then you print each in one shot and then make sure you open the right window for each and send to silhouette to detect and cut ( very important else you will have wrong cuts).

I cut all except for envelope base using the white cardstock (the walmart ones are so great for this) . Then I assembled the card using pop dart and glue(ATG gun)and glue dots. I used 2 flower eyelets which I luckily had in same blue color as the background paper for inside of the card on the sentiment . Once can always enhance the lighter colors with copic or embossing but in this case I didn't have to do that.

Here is the card and envelope

I have added stickles - fruit punch and diamond as I love glitter. I stacked the bee with one layer of pop dots while the butterfly has 2 layers to raise it up further.

I added some doodling with black markers too on the card and envelope.
The inside of the card with the 2 flower eyelets on the label . I further added bling to the eyelets.

So here's the card and envelope once again

Hope you enjoyed the project. You will see more as I keep playing with dover book and silhouette machine. They sing such a great Duet together!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sock Monkey

I felt like playing more and this is dedicated to a special friend of mine.
Sock Monkeys. Monkeys remind me of the old Indian statue I had in my home - the 3 monkey - the see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.  So I came up with this

I still have to work a little bit on this so no file as yet. I will post the file as soon as I make the card for which I created this file for

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Telling Time. How many wonderful apparatus we have for doing that over the ages! One of my favorite pieces is the good old hourglass. Of course I do not tell time by that but love it in papercrafting.
So here is one svg file I played with.
The image

The files are of course available under the respective tabs from the menubar.

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