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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zing or cameo?

That's such a tough tough choice to make. I would say go for both! Thankfully I do not have to make such a decision as I already have the knk which sadly I have not yet played with as yet but the power of that machine - wow! Zing is a baby sister to my knk maxx (actually my eagle lol) compared in power zone but still to see the settings on the control panel gives me a rush and I'm sure the zing will have almost the same effect. But when it comes to print and cut silhouette with it's optical head is unbeatable king! While optical head has problem reading on dark paper or some say vellum I say why would a person print on dark paper for printing and cutting? Very rare! The machine tracking it for you is great!
So the ultimate choice comes down to what to do you do most ? cut many types of materials or print and cut? Then you gotta choose  Zing for the power to cut many materials or silhouette cameo for print and cut. And frankly some say MTC then zing but I do not hold water to that as silhouette studio is very powerful especially the designer version and you can always take that extra step and go between many software - svg  files are so compatible between software.
Isn't that a tough decision? :)  I would say  just buy one for yourself and ask or hint strongly the other to your loved one as gift lol and that way you have got yourself covered ;).

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Annecards said...

OMG Pam, I just love your blog. Such a great article, and oh so true. You continue to amaze me with your talent. Love Linanne

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