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Friday, October 7, 2011

Skeleton in your Closet? No? Just a skeleton in your card

It's going to be Halloween soon and my son wanted a card with skeleton! So here is a card I made with a skeleton image. Hello This is Pam from The Bugbytes - your sassylady designer today.Now this card is a bit interactive. The skeleton head wobbles! My son loves interactive card so I had to add that part in. And so grossly amusing for him was that bit of spider dangling from the mouth! Boys! well guess I should say girls too as I found it grossly amusing too.
The image itself is from Dover publications. I love these books and have tons of these books. Now this I think was a free sample image and of course I had to use my favorite toy to make this card - silhouette studio.
 Since I have designer studio in silhouette - so so worth that extra money to me as possibilities become endless  - I added the image as pattern

So my card in silhouette window looks like this,.This one I just printed and cut with Fiskar cutter

 And I added some extra bits and used registration mark and then print and cut the following in silhouette

Now the skeleton head I did not use the trace feature but instead just free hand added nodes and then manipulated the nodes and once I was happy used the crop feature and cropped the shape drawn with the image to give me that skeleton face. Then I just added a speech bubble filled it with grey using dropper to pick colors from the card image. I typed in Boo in grey blue and copy pasted it multiple times to form a pattern and then typed Happy Halloween. Similarly I did the Boo oval bubble too.

After cutting I took a small piece of jewellery wire wrapped it 4 rounds around a sharpie pen and cut it and attached the spring like wire to card(on top of the image where skeleton face is) using tacky over glue and then attached the skeleton head on the other end of wire.  This is such an economical and a quick way to make your own wobbles.
I then added red rhinestone to the eyes and some stickles to the teeth and spider and the word boo. I also used white stickles to free hand some web shapes all over the front of the card just to add texture. I stuck the spider dangling from the teeth and used foam dots to attach the Boo shape.

For the inside of the card

I added the stickled spider web and the spider on it and then with foam dots added in Happy Halloween and the skeleton face.

So that's my simple Halloween card for my son. Thanks Sheila for having me as your designer. Wish you all a Happy Halloween in advance!

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