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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Klic n cut - Day 1

So I finally had a little bit of help and took the knk maxx (or I should say eagle) upstairs and attached the bolt table and connected the eagle to power. It turned on and I was releived. Then I started following instructions - from knk manual and both are almost the same except for pressure. And I ran into a glith. the arrow buttons and origin would not work. I panicked and sent desperate email to Sandy on friday evening. I should know better than to start on friday right. I was so upset and came down. Hubby said do not worry it will work out and will be a simple problem. I knew it was a simple problem but after Imagine - oh the hassle of shipping. I wanted to open the control panel but hubby said - No. He said go down and read a book and try to take your mind off and so I did and came down and guess what an email from Sandy at about 10.00 pm. Yes folks - friday evening 10:00 pm. That's customer service. It was a simple problem. I had to open control panel up and just sand very very lightly (gently like an eraser with a fine fine sanding block)  the gold spots .  Hubby saw the email - replied as my laptop was upstairs . So morning comes and first thing - yep sanded the gold spots and yeah my knk is working. Tested with pen and can't wait to play after I read up the manual. What an adventure it is going to be. I will add pictures later to this post. Oh I love how the control panel in acs is detached from the machine. there is a cable and I can set it down near the laptop and handle both.
Did I mention the customer service? :) I can be worry free in the weekend. for those used to my Gypsy videos - yep sure there will be some in knk as I play and yep those same long posts  as I maintain my log here in this blog just like in G at thebugbytes.

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