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Friday, September 20, 2013

SACIRC1 - Brother circular attachment

I wanted to get the brother circle attachment for some time now.

But problem the machines that this part is listed for are just a few the Innov and QC
And asking sewing shops and even brother was no help at all! Brother only could say if you tell your machine name that it does not fit. Well that was no help to me. Tried asking in Amazon but  no help there too.

So did some research and watched videos . So here goes. (BTW this will not fit embroidery only machine like pe700 as it does not have decorative stitches)
Check your needle plate if there is a screw hole placed in lower right bottom of it then YES it will most probably fit. The area space where the  feed dogs go is pretty big so that won't be a problem. There are 2 more holes where the prongs go and most of the new machines the computer ones will have these.

But pictures speak more than words so let me give you an eg of  3 different machines - needle plate
First is se400 or the one from costco LB-6800. And YES - SACIRC1 will fit in both

(the photo of needle plate of from . I photoshopped and added rest of the details). well now you know where you can go to get spare parts for your machine :)

And now for machines the new ones like XR1300, XR1355 (both available at costco) and also HC 1850.
These too have the hole in bottom right corner where the screw goes and the 2 holes for the prongs of the attachment. SO YEAH the attachment will fit. And yes I tried in mine. I ordered mine from here -
As you can guess I sent emails here, to ken sewing and to all brands (these were the only places I found where the attachment has a decent price. While others replied and said ask brother and it might not fit-  Alan Barczynski of sewvacdirect was the only one who said that even though he does not know that I could always 
try and if it does not fit return it back.
Ok now let's see the needle plate in these machines

Now the last of the machines. I had xr7700 before I had to return that as it kept giving me error and the feed dogs fed the cloth at an angle like when you drive a car and take your hands off and it veers to one side. Well that's what was happening to mine. Loved that machine but. And more reason to get it from costco as they really care for their customers.
Now this is a machine which does not have the screw in the bottom right. BUT that's no big deal if you are willing to just tape the right corner. The screw on this attachment is small and just in one place so it will be no biggie to tape it. and try as long as you don't pull at it hard.
Well of course the easiest is avoid getting the attachment altogether and just use a thumb tack :) and save your dollars. But this is convenient and it comes with additional goodies and 2 extra feet - cording and braiding.
Here's the needle plate for this machine

So here are some photos I took (at night so sorry for the light). Click on the photo to make it larger. The photo below was taken after removing the feet and from the back
 (so the screw hole is seen on the top left from this view) 

The attachment turned to the back so you can see the prong and the hole where the screw goes (thats's the tiny one on top right) 

The tiny screw

I have added the screw . see how smal it protrudes? That's what is holding the whole attachment with the prongs too. So that's why if you don't have a place to screw it but you have the holes for the prongs then you can tape and still use this.

Still looking from the back as that's how you can get the unhindered look . I have placed the attachment on the machine. You can see where the screw and the prongs go in hopefully

View from front left

Wow wasn't that detailed. Hopefully that answers some questions and will help someone in their research lol.

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Dawn said...

I realize this comment is nearly 2 years out but, I just learned of this attachment :/ I just wanted to thank you for this AWESOME "review"! Now I'm wondering if my hubby, or my local sewing center, could just drill that tiny hole. If not, tape it is because I really want this to do Dresden center circles :) Thanks again!!

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