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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flower Foiled!

"Flower Foiled" , " Foiled Flower" or Flower with Foil  :) . Hmm.. last one actually describes what I made but not so catchy as the 1st phrase is it?
So I have got this roll of aluminium foil tape from Home Depot. Since I have not been crafting much I thought I would go up and play to calm myself. Make a craft for the day. And this was the result of my play. Of course this is just the first attempt but I rather liked it. Will do a video of it soon.

Close up

The trick to the process is not removing the adhesive backing too soon!
I took a tape and cuttlebugged it. Take care while choosing a folder as the new large folders do not go sideways inside the cuttlebug. You need an opening to feed the long tape through as you keep moving the tape to cuttlebug on a different part. But I wanted this design and it was on the big folder! So I took a craft knife and slit part of the folder near the joints to allow tape to feed through! If you do not want to cut your folder choose a smaller folder! Or skip cuttlebugging altogether :)
Well then I punched a 1 or 1 &1/2" circle (just grabbed the nearest approx sized punch :) ).
Now DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING ALL THE WAY! DO NOT or you'll end up with a mess!
just remove a little bit at a time allowing the brown paper to fall behind. ( I do not know how to describe this but if I hold the tape with both hands - cupped ie hands in O shape I use the last 3 fingers to unfold the backing as I go - Hope that made any sense but it is so difficult to describe). Fold/Frill one fold and then remove a little more. I got a bit messy towards the end as I removed lots of backing before I tucked it in.  Then i punched a 1" circle of the remaining foil to adhere on the top to cover the middle. Took some alcohol ink - I think ranger's butterscotch! and dabbed it on with a felt strip/piece. Took a button - cut off the shank and popped it on top with glue dot and voila! a flower to embellish a card or layout with! Hope you liked this and can't wait to try your own. You can also use regular foil and maybe punch out some shapes, optionally cuttlebug them and then glue them and stack them! Play with foils! I have some soda cans too which I want to emboss with my knk.

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