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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discovery Green - March 26th 2011

Last Saturday we went to Discovery Green in Houston. It has some lovely programs for kids

I decided to take my small point and shoot - Lumix z7 instead of my Nikon SLR as I was too tired after coming back from Dallas Stampede - a scrapbook event and did not want to lug my Nikon and keep changing lenses. So here are some pictures from there. After looking at my copyright I need to change the font and work on this a bit. I love the font but well it needs to be a bit bold. Well that's work for another day. Meanwhile..

They has some cool art bikes on display made by a society. They were really cool.

Then there was this cart which was made by a High School in Houston for a parade as a float and donated to the park. It was so lovely. It is a working cart

Close up. Look at all the details

Now here I want to give a shout out. We had gone to check out the writer's workshop. Here's a portion of the brochure. You can find further info in the link which I have given above.

My son enjoyed the class and while he was inside and we were waiting outside we found a cool program going on outside - The Teatro Alley. It is a program where people learn English by playing games. Since I was just sitting and was invited by them to join in I joined in. We played tossing the bean bag while saying a word from the category chosen. For eg first category was color and we had to throw it at anyone in the group calling out a color name.
If you are here around Houston and have kids check it out
So here are pictures of the rest of the group

And here are a couple of shots of my son from his creative writer's workshop

And after the class some fun time

And some rest before we go and grab lunch

Well that's some of my pictures on our visit to Discovery Green.

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Jane said...

Thanks, Pam! Looks like a great place, and your son is adorable!

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